Join Us! Wrestling Writers Wanted!

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the new day wwe

The tower of power, too sweet to be sour, ohhhh yeahh! Wrestling Writers The Peoples Movies wants to smell what your cooking and take our readers to Smackdown Hotel are you ready to join the us in our New World Order but will you be TPM 4 Life?

Spring season is knocking on our doors and we’re looking for some spring cleaning making room for more writers to grapple with wrestling entertainment. We’re looking for a couple of writers to join our Wrestling editor Ben (Browne) and deliver the most electrifying writer in Sports entertainment? Or a unicorn that rocks ? If you love to grapple WWE, TNA, ROH, NXT right down to British Wrestling? If you do we love you join us

As Wrestling writers you will have a combination of review the latest weekly shows, PPVs and also Home releases. But you will search web for the latest and best news stories, deliver daily or weekly rants on the industry or results posts. The number of ways what can be posted and the formats are endless, you will be able to discus that with the editors, some ideas below.

Whilst we have now been cover Wrestling for just over an year there is still room for improvement and this is where you come in.We are looking for talented individuals to contribute and make our wrestling section bigger and better.Showcase your enthusiasm through their writing,  what you write into context. Knowledge is power and if you have will please the hardcore wrestling fan but also leisure viewer  alike.We are looking for someone who is honest, passionate, so if you think something is terrible or best thing since slice bread explain why in your own words to inform most of entertain.

When the day comes when you don’t believe in yourself, there’s the door. Get the hell out! ” –John Cena

Like our movie section news never stops and if you can hang on for the ride you will probably be the person we are looking for.You don’t have to know everything but if your resourceful and willing to roll the sleeves up and help our wrestling section grapple from the flames we want you to join us. Off course reviews are a big part part of any website, here we’re building from scratch so reviews  may not always be forgoing at the start but with your help build a nice little community the right people who can deliver those previews will take notice. Most of all if you have access to the likes of Sky Sports, challenge and any of the channels that show the Wrestling, also know where to find the latest gossip we love you onboard, as that’s the bottomline because The Peoples Movies said so!

Please beware this is not a paid position, it’s voluntary and everyone is here because we love what write about we’re fans. So if your looking for experience to be added to you CV we can help. There will be a plethora of free films to review, the odd cash incentives, festival passes at times too.

As well as a general wrestling writer we are also looking for writers who can deliver video blogs that could be your weekly rant on the sport or a magazine style podcast.

Wrestling Writers of the world can you smell lalalalalaaaa! What The Peoples Movies is cooking?