Don’t Call It Jazz, Man…Watch Miles Ahead UK Trailer

Miles Ahead

He’s the only actor to be endorsed by Davis family to play the role and 10 years on the film has finally been created, Don Cheadle in Miles Ahead. Today we get a  first look at the film’s UK trailer which shows the lifestyle of the Jazz legend was nothing but  chaotic. What ever you do Don’t call it jazz, man – it’s some made up word it’s Social music!

When the great man’s nephew says your the only one to play his uncle, you know you must star in the biopic, that good it’s beyond cool you have to direct it too!

In Miles Ahead All Rolling Stone reporter Dave Braden (Ewan McGregor) wants is an exclusive interview with the jazz legend himself, Miles Davis (Don Cheadle). What he gets instead is a wild and dangerous ride-along with a recording artist living at his edge, rife with shootouts, car-chases, and a tale of lost love to the singer Frances (Emayatzy Corinealdi).

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Whilst we might label this Biopic, according to star and director Cheadle it’s not a cradle to grave story. It’s all set when he was ‘silent’ ready to return to form in 1970’s , even though musically was minimal he life was certainly ‘eventful’ and reckless. Despite his experience as an actor for a first time film our hats are off in credit, ambitious attempt which captures the legend at his lowest. It’s an no holds barred improvised story of desperation plagued by a drug addiction which sees him lose the tapes that where meant to help him back into music.

The film made it’s UK premiere at last months Glasgow Film Festival leaving with some strong, positive reviews, sadly due to our schedule we couldn’t see the film. Not long though for Miles Ahead arrives in UK cinemas, in 5 weeks time on 22nd April (USA 1st April). The film also stars Michael Sthulberg, Austin Lyon and Keith Stansfield.

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