March 22, 2023

Anne Hathaway’s Best Moments – The Intern



The talented actress is one of Hollywood’s A-listers thanks to her showcase of films that people love. Hathaway is known for her variety of roles from her breakthrough role in The Princess Diaries to a CEO of an online fashion site in The Intern. To celebrate the release of The Intern on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD out now, we take a look at Anne Hathaway’s best roles.

Princess Diaries

Hathaway first burst on to the Hollywood scene when she starred as Mia Thermopolis, a clumsy teenager, who learns she is actually the princess of Genovia. While learning of her new title, Mia has to learn how to be a princess while also trying to be a normal teenage girl. She starred alongside acting legend Julie Andrews and won the hearts of audiences around the world.


In this science fiction film she plays a future scientist who travels to space alongside a group of astronauts. Their mission is to search for a new home for humanity and she wants to travel to the planet where a scientist she fell in love with years ago is supposedly living on. Even though it’s a possibility he may have died, she still feels drawn to that planet.

The Devil Wears Prada

Her character Andrea lands the most sought after internship in fashion and finds herself working for Miranda Priestly, the icy editor in chief of Runway fashion magazine. She is set impossible and ridiculous tasks that she manages to accomplish which impresses Miranda, however she realizes her job is taking over her life and knows she needs to change. Ironically in this film Hathaway stars as a fashion intern herself alongside Emily Blunt and the ‘devil’ Meryl Streep.

Les Miserables

One of her more challenging roles was Fantine in the hit musical Les Miserables. She plays a single mother who is forced to give up her child to be looked after by another couple as she cannot afford to. In a chain of events she ends up losing her job and has to turn to other means of making money such as cutting her hair off and entertaining men.

Alice in Wonderland

In this Tim Burton remake, Hathaway stars as the elegant yet kooky White Queen. She is the sister of the Red Queen who has claimed the crown to the Underland, even though it rightfully belongs to the White Queen. She helps Alice on her mission to fight the jabberwocky, by creating a potion for to return her to normal size. When Alice wins the battle the White Queen helps Alice go home by giving her a vial of the Jabberwocky’s blood.

The Intern

Anne Hathaway’s most recent role was as Jules Ostin, whose fashion company has an intern programme. The intern chosen to shadow and help her is no other than Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro). Although Jules assumes they have nothing in common and are from different worlds, Ben ends up teaching her a few things and they become good friends.

The Intern is out on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD now