The Purge: Election Year First Trailer, Who wants

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the purge election year

As the American presidential elections heat up, The Purge: Election Year first UK trailer ‘encourages’ you to play mommy’s choice to decide which of you survives the purge?!In the third installment of the social horror that seems to improve by each film, sees Sergeant (Frank Grillo) return, but whose betrayed them? let’s play the purge!

Ironically as potential presidential candidates fight to be the next leader of the freeworld USA, the annual 12 hour slaughter fest The Purge sees the political Illuminati want to ‘purge’ their political rival.

The Purge: Election Year find us two years after Leo Barnes aka Sergeant (Frank Grillo) stopped himself from a regrettable act of revenge on Purge Night. Now serving as head of security for Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell), his mission is to protect her in a run for president and survive the annual ritual that targets the poor and innocent. But when a betrayal forces them onto the streets of D.C. on the one night when no help is available, they must stay alive until dawn…or both be sacrificed for their sins against the state.

Ever since the first arrived it’s premise was unique, intriguing but sadly poorly delivered. When Anarchy arrived things seemed to improve reminding us about Running Man even a little Judgement Night. Now James DeMonaco has returned again to direct and first looks hes certainly taking the franchise up another level. looking more ambitious and slowly gaining a cult fanbase probably largely thanks to Frank Grillo part as our film’s anti-hero.A reliable actor in your B Movie fandom and great audition for a possible Punisher role.

The film plays the violence in social politics something that does effect UK but America a lot more , the recent gun shootings say it all. It also teases that your so called secured home is not safe forcing Sergeant & Roan to survive the streets. This was one of the successful parts of part 2 showing life on the streets during the purge. The Purge: Election Year may not win many more fans but it’s slowly winning around critics with it’s satirical stance on civil unrest.

The purge will commence in UK&Ireland 15th July, vote carnage! The film also stars Edwin Hodge, Betty Gabriel, Kyle Secor, JJ Soria, Mykelti Williamson, Elizabeth Mitchell.