RWBY Season 2 Review

RWBY Season 2

RWBY Season 2 ★★★★★


RWBY Season 2 kicks off from where we last left our Quartet of budding Hunters.
Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and, Yang Xiao Long discover more about themselves whilst learning what it is to be a Hunter, and also to be students. A harrowing time for anybody, with all that teen drama and romance. However all is not what it seems as the White Fang commit more robberies, and their plans only keep getting bigge
r and bigger.


As I’ve said before about RWBY Season 1; the animation is different to say the least.
I ain’t for one minute saying it is bad though… not this time. In fact, it has improved ever so slightly giving it a better kick than Season 1. My first thought about this upon seeing the animation in season 1 was ‘Oh god; do I really have to sit through 13 episodes of this, what a joke.’ However, after episode one, was I reluctant to stop it playing – Yes. It has a lovely mixture between action, comedy, and drama. It’s a personal 5 star anime, and I can’t wait for the next season.

Awarding of the Stars

Stars awarded for:

Story, Characters, Fighting, Animation, and Extras


So for our animation, yes it’s different. It’s not your typical anime style. Then again, this isn’t traditional anime. (Being made and produced in Japan) RWBY is an American production and was led by the late Monty Oum. The animation suits the series very well and has improved over the last season with a little more depth and detail. A full star for the animation.


The plot is good and solid, ties together nice and neatly.
We see the development of the world around the academy, get a glimpse into the history of the Grimm. We also get to see some form of development with the bad guys; the White Fang, and their goals and leaders. A full star for the story.


Our characters develop more, we get glimpses into their pasts, and their aims for the future.
We also get to see a few test of characters, romance and drama. The average teenage stuff. We also get a glimpse into some fully fledged Hunters that are part of the Academy, which was interesting to say the least. Not only this we get to view more on the plans of our Villains too, and they develop slightly more also (not more than our protagonists though). Another full star for the characters.


The fighting is yet again brilliant and engaging. These trainee hunters are good, but events show that they aren’t all that – even when they manage to fight as a team. Their dynamics during fighting as a team is impressive though. We get to see some of the fully fledged Hunters beginning to fight too, which is even more impressive. Another full star for Fighting.


Extras are where we would be getting let down… that is, if it wasn’t for the fact that we actually have some. Yay extras – I do like me some extras.
We get a plethora of them, including the textless opening closing. We see production diaries, taking us through step by step what goes into producing RWBY. We also get to hear from the voice cast and see them in action too. So a full star for Extras.

Totting up the marks, is 5 stars. Yes, an Anime has reached a full 5 in my eyes anyway.


RWBY Season 2 is a Animatsu Release.
It is rated 15UK – Which I agree, it’s mainly the bloody action. There isn’t any fan service.
RWBY Season 2 was released on the 1st of February 2016 on DVD & BluRay
General Price is about £13 or €17.
Genre is Action, Adventure, Comedy

RWBY Season 2