Longtime No Z! New Zoolander Trailer Asks You To Relax

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Zoolander 2 Justin Theroux

Longtime no Z! A new probably final Zoolander 2 UK trailer has arrived online your instructed to ‘Relax’ Mugatu demands you to!Even the film’s director has time to DJ too!!!

Frankie Goes To Hollywood spins on the decks reminding us to relax that in 9 days those ridiculously good looking people lead by Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) will be with us, so one last reminder is very exciting stuff!

Zoolander 2 is set 15 years after the original film as the most famous male model returns to the catwalk only to find the world of fashion has drastically changed. Derek heads off to Rome with Hansel (Owen Wilson) only to find themselves up against each other and unveiling a sinister plot too!

This trailer really pushes Will Ferrell‘s Mugatu  and his masterplan to kill off those ridiculously good looking folks from the fashion world.This latest trailer pushes the action more than the actual humor, but there is a few funny moments in this. Kristen Wiig’s Alexanya Atoz gets also an extended look, she seems to have a connection with Mugatu which looks to be a romantic one.

They say we get wiser and more intelligent as we get older, but it seems Derek and Hansel in those 15 years knowledge base hasn’t increased. In reality the long period between the films however could be the deciding factor of this film working and been a success.  If anything curiousity will drive people into to the film which frankly is the closest challenger to Deadpool. Leaves you asking: you want your humour silly and rude or do you want it slapstick? chimichangas or strike a pose it’s going to be longtime no Z!

Zoolander 2 is set for 12th February 2016 release co-starring Owen Wilson,  Penélope Cruz, Olivia Munn, Christine Taylor, Billy Zane, Justin Bieber, Fred Armisen.Justin Theroux is directing.