March 25, 2023

Live From Red Carpet,Watch The Grimsby World Premiere


Live From Red Carpet from Leicester Square in the heart of London, watch the world premiere of Grimsby (or Grimsby Brothers as it’s known in USA). Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Strong, Isla Fisher, Gabourey Sidibe and director, Louis Leterrier will be all in attendance. After several critical flops Baron Cohen will be hoping this film will bring him back into the critics fold like the days of Borat. He’s proven he can deliver outside his own films (villain in Alice Looking Through The Glass) and the recent reaction clips compared to the trailers we may have a decent film on the cards.

Oscar® nominee and Golden Globe® winner Sacha Baron Cohen – creator of Borat, Bruno and Ali G – is back with a new character: Nobby Butcher, a terminally unemployed but fun-loving football fan who is forced to save the world.

Nobby has everything a man from Grimsby could want – 9 children and a girlfriend he loves more than anything (Rebel Wilson). There’s only one thing missing in his life: his little brother, Sebastian (Mark Strong), from whom he was separated as a child. After 28 years of searching, Nobby has finally tracked his brother down in London – unaware that he’s an MI6 assassin. After a disastrous reunion in which Nobby accidentally ruins Sebastian’s life and puts them both on the run, they uncover a plot to destroy the world. In order to save humanity, and his brother, Nobby has to embark on a global mission and undertake a complete transformation from lovable idiot to sophisticated secret agent.

Whilst you wait for the start of the red carpet event check out this new funny clip which sees Nobby with a ‘code Brown’ situation and it’s Enormous!

The World Premiere of Grimsby takes place at Odeon, Leicester Square tonight from 5.45pm, Grimsby will be released in UK& Ireland from Wednesday 24th February.