In10 Cloverfield Lane TV Spot Everyone Is Dead Outside

10 Cloverfield Lane  Mobile

Mary Elizabeth Winstead wonders where she is, why she is here and in a new TV Spot for 10 Cloverfield Lane, the answer is simple….Everyone one outside is dead!

JJ Abrams may only be producing this time, however director Dan Trachtenberg has adopted his technique raise up the tension get the audience asking more questions.

We do love the lack of info on this film which was secretly film and this 60 second extend spot plays on the tension,paranoia and trust that plagues our cast. With no synopsis revealed it suggests that the synopsis was released it would be a massive plot spoiler, leaving us to play on the notion this is a Cloverfield ‘blood relative’.

From the clues we’ve seen 10 Cloverfield Lane Michelle (Winstead) was in a Car accident only to waken up in a underground bunker chained to a railing.Howard (Goodman) who brought her here said he rescued her as the world outside is dead. She also finds another man (Gallagher Jr.)in the bunker whom she learns was trying to get into the buker. Michelle is still very suspicious of Howard’s motives she attempts to break out but what does she discover when she finally does get outside?

This spot certainly plays on the mystery of why Winstead’s character Michelle is in the bunker, not giving into the reason like John Gallagher Jr. character.Did she really have a car accident? Did Jon Goodman their genial host really rescue them? If not why have both ‘rescued’ characters have plasters? Did he kidnap her? Is Goodman a unhinged nutcase who could have been a stalker who faked an accident to rescue from a monster with Gallagher Jr character his sidekick? Is there truly a ‘monster’ outside? In one shot we see Michelle  get to entrance of the bunker and something is there, but what? The poster for the film has a slogan “Monsters come in many forms” suggesting Jon Goodman’s character isn’t as truthful as he says he is, or is it one of the other two? There is no clues to the timeline of this film or what really is going on outside!

10 Cloverfield Lane is set for a 18th March UK cinematic release so not long now to find out what’s really going on.