In Criminal Trailer, Kevin Costner Has Deadpool On His Mind

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Ray Charles had Georgia On His Mind, however for Kevin Costner has Deadpool on His mind that’s Ryan Reynolds In the first Criminal UK Trailer. Hot off the the release of Merc with a mouth what better time to promote his next gig in a body swap action thriller goes insane with a little help from Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot too!

If your like us loved Deadpool and are excited to see another Ryan Reynolds movie, he’s in it however he’s only support as Kevin Costner is the lead in this one. Costner as an action star isn’t entirely new for the actor as he starred in Jack Ryan and 3 Days To Kill. Both not the greatest of film but in defense of the actor he was solid in both of them.

In Criminal Costner plays career ruthless criminal on death row who finds himself implanted with the memory and skill set of recently deceased CIA operative (played by Reynolds).He must finish the assignment but his dangerous and unpredictable attitude leaves them on a knifes edge.

The plot is basic and we don’t know much about what that assignment might be.But from the trailer it suggests it could be some sort of missile launch possibly nuclear as it’s a terrorism plot they are trying to stop, ‘Washington, Berlin, Beijing will be graveyards’. This may fall under the category of films that have a tendency of revealing everything in the trailer, its done well to keep us teasing. this trailer plays on the emotional connection with Gal Gadot‘s character with Costners both looking like they have a strong on screen chemistry.

This is not the first time Reynolds been in a body swap film, his attempt was the rarely seen Self/Less, this does feel it’s tinged by sci-fi but how much into the genre this film might be, we don’t know yet. The Iceman director Ariel Vromen whose direction makes this one feel above the generic action flicks that plague the genre.

Criminal is set for 15th April UK (+ U.S.A)release , co-starring Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, and Alice Eve.