“He’s Not Like Us” Watch Midnight Special UK Trailer

Children what ever age they be will always be special to parents, in Jeff Nichols‘ upcoming Midnight Special the kid is extra special. In the UK trailer we learn that Michael Shannon‘s son is not like us, but why?

After making its world premiere over the weekend at Berlin we now get a proper look at the trailer , but what special powers does the boy possess that religious groups even FBI want him? Is he a savior or a threat?

In Midnight Special we meet Roy (Michael Shannon) a father who is desperate to protect his uniquely gifted, eight-year-old son in this genre-defying thriller which proves once again that director Jeff Nichols is one of the most compelling storytellers of our time. As father and son go on the run, an intense chase ensues as they are hunted down by a mysterious cult and a clandestine government agency – the outcome of which could bring about a world-changing event.

Once again Nichols teams up with Michael Shannon in what is slowly building into an intriguing film. The sense of mystery behind the film’s premise plays on your curiosity. Is his son Alton (Jaeden Lieberher) a weapon or a saviour?The director and lead star have developed such a relationship of trust and respect for each other since this was was made they have already made another film Loving (along with Joel Edgerton whose in this one too).

He seems to capture the working class blue collar working folks of America, the sometimes forgotten backbone of American society. This one seems to follow suit leaning more into Take Shelter territory with a possible ‘apocalyptic event’ happening in the finale. Could this film be playing the end of days prophecy many believe that’s happening now?What ever you you believe this trailer like the first teaser delivers alot of atmosphere and a fathers plight to protect his child from dangers of the world (and interference from government).

Midnight Special is quasi-supernatural film that seems evoke the idea of control and greed, could this finally be the breakthrough film for Nichols with mainstream audiences? Ambitious film which you can see in UK cinemas from 8th April. The film also stars Kirsten Dunst, Adam Driver, and Sam Shepard.