Here’s Johnny!Where?Depp To Star In Invisible Man Remake

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The era of remakes, adaptions, reboots, re-everything continues and will for a long time be it for the good or worse of the industry. Today we learn Universal are attempting to bring the golden age of monster movies into the 21st Century and next in line is The Invisible Man, with Johnny Depp to star in it.

It was only last week the news that Tom Cruise is set to star in a new version of The Mummy (the original not the Brendan Fraser ones)with Alex Kurtzman directing. That film will be scripted by Prometheus scribe John Spaihts with a 2017 release date set. Alex Kurtzman is also set to direct The Invisible Man with Chris Morgan producing, with no scripter at this stage been chosen.

The iconic tale was written by HG Wells in 1897 a story of an scientist who discover a way to cloak himself from others.As he starts to embrace his new discovery he quickly learns it has a damaging side effect, it drives him insane!Claude Rains had the honours of bringing the mad scientist to the big screen in 1933 directed by the legendary James Whale who also went on to direct Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein.

We’ve seen many other adaptations, inspired by films on the small and big screen but no one has ever been able to match the original. The other question does it appeal to an modern audience as many modern interpretations seem to drift into action thrillers more rather than its correct genre. Special fx has advanced drastically however the over reliance of green screen many modern films feel ‘fake’ due to the over use of computer generated characters.

Will Johnny Depp do any justification to The Invisible Man making it more accessible to 21st Century audience? If you go by recent form, it will be hard though Black Mass which had more critical success than his recent films highlights there’s still life in the old dog, potentially opening the door to a new franchise. Pirates of The Caribbean and Alice Through The Looking Glass will be cash cows for Disney and The Invisible Man will provide substance to deliver one of his character driven specialties. A little bit of restraint, one of his haunting accents he will deliver.

The Invisible Man doesn’t have an confirmed release date yet but we know Universal have stated one of the monster revival films will be released in 2018. Some gossip are saying this will be The Wolf Man, so stay tuned!

Sources: Deadline

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