Chart The Rise And Fall Of Lance Armstrong In New Infographic

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You always wonder if he ever took the drugs could he have been the legitimate overall greatest cyclist ever? In a new a infographic we chart the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong.

Monday saw the release of The Program on DVD and Blu-ray the story of Armstrong’s rise and fall a gripping, suspenseful tale uncovering the true story of how one of sport’s biggest heroes was able to orchestrate a truly staggering web of lies, all while holding the public in the palm of his hand.

A brilliant Ben Foster (Lone Survivor, Kill Your Darlings) stars as Armstrong, who at the peak of his cycling career enjoyed the life of a sporting hero, all while leading the most sophisticated doping program the sport had ever seen. While the sporting world lay in thrall of his seemingly miraculous recovery, Sunday Times journalist David Walsh (Chris O’DowdCalvary, Bridesmaids) remained unconvinced of Armstrong’s messiah-like return to form, and embarked on a relentless investigation to expose the man behind the myth…

If you where to describe your life as a roller coaster Lance Armstrong  would be The Big Dipper. Slowly going up and up getting really high and when your up there, bang you are back at the bottom. It was a bumpy one to start growing up, been rejected by teams before bang Cancer strucks.  Sometimes when your at your lowest you’ll do anything to get to the top of the game even if those moves are not ‘legal’! As they say no one is bigger than the establishment, sadly Lance Armstrong believed  he was, but all cheats will always get caught in the end!

You can read our London Film Festival review for The Program [read it here].

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