Aaron Paul’s rise to fame

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Aaron Paul T9

Aaron Paul is known for his bad boy roles not only on TV, but on the big screen too. Over the years he has become one of Hollywood’s most wanted actors. His latest film Triple 9 is in cinemas February 19th, so to celebrate we take a look at his rise to fame.

Paul moved to California at the mere age of 17 to embark on his career as an actor. His first acting jobs were in various music videos and television adverts. He then landed small acting roles in TV programmes such as Beverley Hills 90210 and The X-Files. He also had acting roles in films K-PAX and Mission: Impossible 3. Paul starred in the gruesome horror film Last House on the Left as a murderer, thus starting his attraction to bad boy roles.

His first big break came when he was cast in the critically acclaimed TV show Big Love. He starred in 14 episodes and played Amanda Seyfried’s husband. While filming Big Love, he was sent a script for a new TV show called Breaking Bad and won the role. He was cast as Jesse Pinkman, a drug dealer who partners up with his old chemistry teacher. He had a catch phrase; ‘Yo bitch’ which became a phenomenon. Paul revealed that people regularly shout the catch phrase to him in everyday life. He started shooting in 2008 alongside Bryan Cranston and the show eventually finished in 2013. He starred in a total of 62 episodes and was nominated for various awards including a Golden Globe award for best supporting actor, and he received five Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor and won it three times.

Whilst he was filming Breaking Bad, he also starred in thriller Need for Speed as mechanic Tobey Marshall– yet another dark role for Paul. He played a street racer who had been released from prison and was looking for revenge. He then took on a different genre of film when he starred in Exodus: Gods and Kings directed by Ridley Scott. He starred alongside an A list cast including Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton. However Paul continued his gravitation to dark roles in crime thriller Triple 9, where he plays a corrupt cop. The film boasts an ensemble cast of Casey Affleck, Anthony Mackie and Chiwetel Ejiofor to name a few. His crew of criminals are blackmailed by the Russian Mafia and have to attempt to pull off an impossible heist.

Paul shows no signs of slowing down and has lots of upcoming projects in both film and TV. Paul is starring in upcoming thriller Eye in the Sky as a drone pilot alongside actress Helen Mirren. He is also starring in an upcoming television drama series called The Path out later this year. He will play a troubled man who ends up joining a cult. It seems he just can’t stay away from the darker roles.

Triple 9 is out in cinemas February 19th