Sunday Short Theatre – Kara


Since December virtually every cinefile has been transported to that galaxy far far away and in this weeks Sunday Short Theatre Kara, is an fan’s homage to the galaxy….

When it comes great films many filmmakers who have taken over the directorial realms very few could match or even beat the success of the original film. Many will argue it was done for purely monetary reasons, others will argue the story had to continue. If there is anyone who can truly deliver something inspiring is from the fans themselves and Kara is a prime example of that passion.

Many critics where saying the nostalgia was the ‘true force’ of Star Wars: The Force Awakens  and they would be partly true.But there was many other factors that made episode 7 an success , however Joe Still‘s 7 minute short film plays like a perfect compliment to Star wars franchise. Fits in nicely with the timeline with feeling out of place and for fan film impressive FX!

Kara tells the story of a young woman called Kara a force sensitive with her father who discover a a downed x-wing pilot Athena on their way to the rebel base.

Some may argue the film is lacking a story, but is full of heart, mystery and emotion. It’s not perfect but neither was Episode 7 but for the overall production, budget you have to be impressed. Short of The Week accompanied the short with an interview with the director which expanded on why he decided to make Kara. Also the impressive aesthetic he has created and the reaction he was expecting from the fanbase.

source: Totalfilm