Sacha Baron Cohen Is All Wet In New Grimsby Featurette


This spring, the only thing more dangerous than the world’s greatest spy is his brother,Grimsby new comedy by Sacha Baron Cohen. In a new featurette from the film which goes behind the scenes look at the films stunt work as well as a clip from the film too!

Nobby has everything a man from Grimsby could want, including 11 children and the most gorgeous girlfriend in the northeast of England (Rebel Wilson). There’s only one thing missing: his little brother, Sebastian(Mark Strong), for whom Nobby has been searching for 28 years, after they were separated as kids. Nobby sets off to reunite with Sebastian, unaware that not only is his brother MI6’s deadliest assassin, he’s just uncovered plans for an imminent global terrorist attack. On the run and wrongfully accused, Sebastian realises that if he is going to save the world, he will need the help of its biggest idiot.

In the clip called ‘Bulletproof’ Nobby  and his super spy brother Sebastian  are running away from the bad guys. But as you’ll see everything goes cock up for Sebastian even in the bulletproof car!

2015 seem to be an endless year for Spy movies,Grimsby (or The Brothers Grimsby in USA) will be purely down to individual tastes. Do you like Sacha Baron Cohen‘s brand of humour, if yes you will probably love this, if not you will probably want to avoid this like the plague. At a recent visit to cinema the trailer (you can watch it here) played in the previews. It’s usually a good tester for reactions however the reaction in the fairly full screen wasn’t good. This film does have a more international casting you wonder if the reaction say in USA will be far more positive. Hard to say after The Dictator you’ll be asking “Do you want the Aladeen Answer or the Aladeen answer?” What ever you think this will be 90 minutes of brainless escapism that many cinephiles love.

Grimsby will be released in UK on 24th February 2016 co-starring Mr Baron Cohen aka Isla Fisher, Ian McShane and Gabourey Sidibe.

Grimsby Poster