London Cometh For The Warrens In The Conjuring 2 First Trailer

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the conjuring 2

No rest for the wicked this Summer The Warrens will be returning to our cinemas  when The Conjuring 2 arrives and tonight your nerves are tested in the first spooky UK trailer. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson reunite with director James Wan for another chilling chapter from the Warren case files which sees our paranormal investigating duo to familiar territory Enfield, North London!

It was an unexpected hit when The Conjuring arrived in 2013, it gave hope to a genre that was in a dire need of new impotence. Going back to basics  keeping things simple gave the first film it’s success, so it’s no surprise we have a sequel which sees The Warrens tackle one of the most famous paranormal cases ever….The Enfield Poltergeist.

Using the film’s full name The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist which sees Ed and Lorraine Warren (Wilson and Farmiga) head to Northern London at the plea of Peggy Hodgson. A young mother whose daughters seem to haunted by a poltergeist, become one of the most notorious cases (after The Amityville horror).

The infamous story recently made it to our television screens in Sky’s Enfield Haunting starring Timothy Spall,  but it was only a matter of time that the investigators behind the real case would make it to the big screen. What we witnessed in that drama , the Warrens will have their hands full. Horror sequels especially of those who have a successful previous film have followed up with half-hearted simply dreadful sequels. However it seems James Wan has kept to what made the first film a success. The trailer does playfully use some of the scenes from that first film (clap clap), mixed in with the tropes of you expect to see in a paranormal films (possession, crosses, chanting…). The is a sense of creepiness and whilst this promo doesn’t reveal alot of the true fears we hope Wan is keeping those for the film itself.

The Conjuring 2 will arrive in UK cinemas on 17th June (10th June USA).