Entertainment Reveal Cineworld’s True Reason For No The Hateful Eight


You wonder if there  should be a moral PR lesson here or if it’s a slice of jealously from Cineworld on The Hateful Eight. After the news of Cineworld the so called biggest UK cinema chain decides to pulling the plug in Quentin Tarantino‘s film  and today Entertainment Film Distributors (EFD) the film’s UK distributor have decided to spill the beans on what they call the true reasons for Cineworld’s move.

It’s believed the real reason for Cinema chains reaction is all down to the “70mm Ultra Panavision screening has been exclusively booked at rival Odeon’s Leicester Square venue“.

As a rival chain I would be be disappointed too however the 70mm version of the The Hateful Eight, however cinefiles know it would only go to certain cinemas more likely London based. With this been the reason does this justify the right to deny the millions of Cineworld regulars the right not to see the film in any format? No. Cineworld’s other brands Picturehouses and Curzon also dropped the film in solidarity.

Due to the special facilities required for the unique 70mm Ultra Panavision presentation we needed the largest theatre and screen possible in the West End and the Odeon Leicester Square was the natural choice.The technical elements and costs involved with this special presentation meant that this would need to be the exclusive West End venue.

They continued: “The Odeon Leicester Square seats 1680 and Picturehouse Central only seats 344 so clearly this was not a viable alternative.

Cineworld had every opportunity to book the film in their other cinemas across the country on the same basis as other exhibitors and declined to do so. This is despite the fact that there is no dispute over the financial terms for this release.”

The statement concluded: “If Cineworld change their mind by tomorrow morning and decide to book the film in the proper way along the lines of the other exhibitors we would be happy for them to do so.”

If your Unlimited card holder who pays £16.90 a month (£19.90 London) subscription, you will be feeling extremely angry at this news. After showing your loyalty and support to the cinema chain the card holders patience and loyalty has been challenged the past few years after several outrageous  moves. The timing of this news will not sit well at Cineworld HQ after the shambolic Allocated Seating saw the chain loose regulars but alot of unlimited card holders too.

Even after the release of this information on the situation you could say it’s still not totally to blame. It feels Entertainment may have attempted a highest bid wins the gold and Cineworld have came across as the spoilt brat whose thrown their toys out the pram. Even taking the stance  against been held to ransom some may call noble, however going as far as dropping the movie altogether is a very silly move. When your reputation is already damaged thanks to previous crimes might just be the last straw for many of the chains loyal customers who showing The Hateful Eight.