Digging Up The Dirtwood In New House Of Cards Season 4 Trailer

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house of cards

Frank Underwood everyone’s favourite television hitherto is returning for a fourth season  and in first trailer for House Of Cards, Frank’s digging up the dirt…

It’s amazing to think 3 years ago the notion of an Television drama airing on an internet based channel was seen as a risky gamble. Now 2016 Netflix (even rival channel Amazon Prime) they TV type dramas at the channel is getting busy but I’m sure the return of an old favourite will cheer fans.

The trailer is short but sweet, 25 seconds of President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his right-hand man Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) participating in some sort of 2016 campaign event shoveling dirt.Does the dirt have a double meaning? murder and the outcome of ruthless politics? Season 3 left Franks closets bursting with skeletons from those dirty antics he’s had his dirty paws on over the years. There is no sign of the First Lady, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright ) however if you watched season 3 she has her reasons.

House of Cards season 3 compared to previous seasons was an massive disappointment but not a disaster though there will always be a sense of optimism when a new series arrives. If season 4 is to rise above 3 maybe go down the real life politics route things might start to look up for the show. Like any long running show signs of it declining have been rising but like any good show it always seems to find a solution that brings it back int the fold. Could we see Underwood’s time as the President of the greatest democracy be under threat possibly from a Donald Trump type rival?

Role on 4th March when House of Cards Season 4 will launch online at Netflix.