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Beyond the Boundary ★★★★


Beyond the Boundary focuses on Immortal High School boy Akihito who tries to save a fellow classmate Mirai Kuriyama, from committing suicide. After he begs her not to, she suddenly tries to kill him with a sword made from her own blood. These aren’t your ordinary school goers.
Mirai has isolated because of her ability to manipulate blood; which is considered heresy among her clan. Events begin to unfold when Akihito starts saving Mirai.


At the start of this anime it seemed to be just another anime. But after the first six episodes I got into it. I do try to keep interest but with this one I found myself not that interested in getting back to watching it. Most of the episodes are stand alone with slight plot that runs through. The fighting scenes were interesting, it was more than just slash and stab some of the opponents required a bit of smarts to be defeated.

All in all on a personal level before I even start picking it apart I’d give it a solid three stars. It’s good but it wouldn’t be part of my personal collection. Saying that I know people who would enjoy this. Bottom line; it’s not for everyone.

Awarding of the Stars

Stars awarded for:

Story, Characters, Fighting, Animation, and Extras


The Studio behind this anime is Kyoto Animation.
They brought you the likes of K-On, Clannad, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Lucky Star. The animation would be the result of mixing K-On with Haruhi Suzumiya.
It seems to fit the high-school type setting, and the fighting scenes are well animated.
A full star for Animation; it really fit into the anime.


The story is okay, takes a while to get into it. It only really starts to hook you on the second disc, 5-6 episodes in. On a 13 episode collection, I personally need to be hooked after episode 3-4 or it isn’t worth me putting on the other discs. However that being said once it does get started it is to keep watching it afterwards. I’d give it a half star.


The characters are interesting. I won’t say which one, but one of the main characters is annoying after a while, can’t make up their mind, changing their attitude after the first three episodes, then again around the fifth. There are funny characters in there and they do have depth which gets worked out gradually throughout the anime.
A full star for the characters.


The fighting scenes are good, reminds me of Noragami mixed with the animation style of Gatchaman Crowds. It isn’t constant throughout the anime which is good because if the fights were to stretch out it would get old very fast. Since fighting isn’t the main point of the anime then I’d give it a full star.


The extras included a sort of OVA where they were Chibi versions of the main characters performing trials and singing that one song. The extras also included some Japanese promos for Beyond the Boundary itself. Smart move on putting a trailer for the very thing that’s on the disk. I thought it was bad when all we got were opening and closing videos and a few trailers, but this.. I’ll give it a half mark for the sort of OVA stuff the put onto it.

Totting up the marks, is 4 stars.


Beyond the Boundary is a Animatsu Release.
It is rated 12UK — I wholly agree with this, there’s not much fan service in it. The characters sometimes talk about their fetishes but it’s completely innocent.
Beyond the Boundary was released on the 11th of January 2016 on DVD & BluRay
General Price is about £29.20 or €38.58.
Genre is Action, and Supernatural
The Manga’s Demographic is Shonen but with a touch of romance so it is intended for a Young male, but also Young female Audience.

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