The Nice Guys UK Trailer A Spiritual Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Sequel?


the nice guys

Comedy with action or thriller with jokes? Shane Black‘s The Nice Guys is welcomed return to comedic genre, today we have first UK Trailer but are we looking at the spiritual sequel to his highly underrated Kiss Kiss Bang Bang?

On the heels of the recent NSFW Red Band U.S trailer, we now have the UK version Black returning to his roots with Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling as our ‘nice guys’. Comedy genre has been long calling for basically a funny film, could Black’s new film deliver the goods? On the evidence of this promo The Nice Guys maybe that film we’ve been crying out for. Unadulterated, insane absurd shenanigans!

In The Nice Guys we head back to the 1970s Los Angeles, a down on his luck private eye Holland March (Gosling) and world weary muscle-for-hire Jackson Healy (Crowe) have nothing in common until they’re plunged into a life-or-death mystery when the missing persons case they’re both following makes them the target of trained killers.

A fine example of how keeping a lowbrow on your film’s promotion and bang unveil your trailer tease us in the right places, now you have cinephiles worldwide eager to see the film!After years of Adam Sandler pretending to be the king of comedy (to pay for his holidays) we have a genuinely funny looking film on our hands. It’s not a perfect in every sense but seeing Gosling lighten up, getting his hipster moustache ass hand to him on a plate is worthy of checking this one out!Laugh out loud? Belly laughs? I’m sure many will see this as that type of film like this, throw in a homage to Crowe’s L.A Confidential Bud White we maybe looking at a long overdue new entry to the Buddy movie.

The Nice Guys is due for UK release of 3rd June 2016 co-starring Matt Bomer and Kim Basinger.
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