New Ghostbusters Image Show These Girls Mean Business

We maybe fixated on that film in that galaxy far far away , but Summer 2016 will be packed to rafters with films seeking our attention, like Ghostbusters.  Already many of us will have eyes on what blockbusters we plan to see and if your like us we want to see them all, no such word as moderation!

Ghostbusters is one reboot/sequel is long overdue and today we get the film’s first official image and you’ll see the girls ain’t afraid of no ghosts…

Ok this is not exactly connected to the original franchise as been follow up or even a prequel if anything it’s inspired. With 4 funny ladies from Saturday Night Live Melissa McCarthy,Kate McKinnon,Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones making up the the team we’re gonna call. No hiding from it this will have the laughs but how much will Paul Feig go for a new direction? Will it be a nostalgic ride playing off the legacy of the original film to please fans? What we do know is some original cast members will be in it, how big a role they will be we don’t know at this stage. The image is certainly glowing in slimer lime as the girls pose inside the Mercado Hotel Lobby, nice little nod to the original!

With many of the Summer tentpoles already made the first moves with their first teaser trailers, we eagerly wait for the film’s first footage and see the possibly direction they going. Hopefully we won’t have to wait for long for that video or the lowdown on the synopsis.

Ghostbusters is due out in UK Summer 2016 possibly 15th July, co-starring Chris Hemsworth, Andy Garcia, Michael Kenneth Williams, Matt Walsh, and Cecily Strong.