Natalie Portman is Gun-toting Jane Got A Gun UK Trailer

jane got a gun

It’s been a long difficult road but now Natalie Portman‘s passion project is getting closer to reality as Jane Got A Gun gets an UK trailer. After numerous openly public production/personnel problems things are moving nicely and in the film’s latest promo Portman is a gun-troting lady out for the kill!

Jane Got A Gun is the story of Jane Hammond (Portman), a young mother living in a secluded ranch on the vast New Mexico prairie. When her family’s life is threatened by a conniving gang of outlaws led by the nefarious John Bishop (Ewan McGregor), Jane is forced to seek help from her former fiancé Dan Frost(Joel Edgerton), now a gunslinger.

Sequestered at her ranch with a limited stockpile of weapons and supplies, they await the epic showdown with the Bishops, whilst a tense romantic triangle unfolds inside.

Jane Got A Gun was originally a film which was to be directed Lynn Ramsay however a public walkout from the Scottish director followed Jude Law then male lead followed suit. It’s believed Michael Fassbender and Bradley Cooper also walked or said no leading many to believe this would never see the light of day, but against all odds it’s becoming reality. Gavin O’Connor who directed the underrated Warrior with Ewan McGregor step in.

There was a an American trailer released weeks ago and what what this UK trailer does is gives an better idea of Jane’s relationship with Bishop and Frost.When goes through so much trouble sometimes those judging that film overlook the actual film to find those cracks that caused the trouble, rather than judging the film itself. This actually  shows potential, solid looking and if we go by the director’s past track record he delivers more drama than all out action. It may not be bloodthirsty like a certain Mr Tarantino’s Western’s but now he has a rival to modern Western genre film.

Jane Got A Gun is set for  a Spring 2016 UK release date (USA 29th January) co-starring Rodrigo Santoro, Noah Emmerich and Todd Stashwick.