Magi the Kingdom of Magic Review

Magi the Kingdom of Magic

Magi The Kingdom of Magic ★★★★

Season 2 Part 2

Magi the Kingdom of Magic Synopsis

Magi the Kingdom of Magic is about Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana’s adventures continue in the magical Kingdom of Magnostadt, a country ruled by magicians, and the Reim Empire, which is protected by the Magi Scheherazade.


While I’m joining Magi The Kingdom of Magic just now, I’ve little to go off, and especially since it’s part 2 I’m a little lost in the plot, however, it isn’t difficult to catch up. The only thing that throws me off is the characters and their relationships, but like I said it doesn’t take long to figure it out. While the story is enjoyable, it isn’t on the edge of the seat material.
The fighting does keep things interesting and engaging but it’s not too intense.
There’s not much wrong with the Anime.

Awarding of the Stars

Stars awarded for:

Story, Characters, Fighting, Animation, and Extras


The animation is from A-1 Studios so it has a similar feel to the likes of Black Butler, Fairy Tail, and Blue Exorcist. The same as the first season of Magi.
It nicely echoes the magical theme of the series. A full star based on Animation.


The story revolves onwards to stop the Al-Thamin organisation.
Aladdin is studying magic at Magnostadt Academy. It’s a clear cut story line which follows without breaking into fillers so that it doesn’t seem split up. The twists and turns are good and even though some seem out of the blue, it does raise it’s head slowly so we can have an attempt at guessing the twists before they come out fully. A full star.


The characters develop a little more, emotional challenges occur causing them to question their moral fibre. Most of which revolve around ‘who and why am I fighting.’
Again, it seems like Fairy Tail without the group camaraderie that comes with the guild.
I’d give this a half star.


The fighting is okay, something akin to the likes of Fairy Tail.
Magical fighting going between who is the stronger and back and forth.
The fighting isn’t every minute of the Anime. I’d give it a full star at best, being generous around the holiday season.


Extras is another half star, we get clean opening closing and trailers.
This would usually warrant an automatic nill star but, when chosing the french option at the beginning of play you get extra trailers for releases in french.
I do have to note however that when presented with the option of French or English it’s default value is French. The menu doesn’t make it clear which is selected even when you move about.

Totting up the marks, is 4 stars.


Magi The Kingdom of Magic is a Manga Entertainment Release.
It is rated 15UK — I’d agree with this if only slightly. I’d say at best a PG13. The fighting is good, not gory, there’s violence of course but like I said nothing gory. I’d let a 13 Year Old watch this personally, then again, that’s my opinion.

Magi The Kingdom of Magic was/is released on the 21st of December 2015 on DVD & BluRay
General Price is about £29.99 (DVD) £39.99 (BluRay) or €41 (DVD) €54 (BluRay)
Genre is Action, Adventure, Fantasy
The Manga’s Demographic is Shonen so it is intended for a young teenage audience.

My apologies for the trailer, I can’t find an exact trailer to Season 2 Part 2

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