“I Don’t Where, It’s Going”…Watch UK Trailer For Youth

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His name is Michael Caine  not alot of people knew that in 1960’s but in Paolo Sorrentino‘s Youth UK trailer he doesn’t know where but he knows it going.After the success of The Great Beauty Italian filmmaker returns to English language feature film starring 2 of Hollywood’s stalwarts (Caine and Harvey Keitel) as best friends  facing retirement.

Let’s face it we will face retirement at one stage of our lives, some of us sooner than others but if your eventful person still full of energy do you really want to stop?

In Youth, it’s Springtime. Fred and Mick (Caine & Keitel), two old friends now approaching eighty, are on vacation together in an elegant hotel at the foot of the Alps. Fred, a composer and conductor, is now retired. Mick, a film director, is still working. The two friends know that their time is quickly running out, and they decide to face their future together. They look with curiosity and tenderness on their children’s confused lives, Mick’s enthusiastic young writers, and the other hotel guests, all of whom, it seems, have all the time that they lack. And while Mick scrambles to finish the screenplay for what he imagines will be his last important

film, Fred, who gave up his musical career long ago, has no intention of returning to it. But someone wants at all costs to hear his compositions and to see him conduct again.

The last time Sorrentino directed an English language This Must Be The Place (Sean Penn) we where fans of the film despite the mixed response. Youth response has been more positive winning at recent European Film Awards Best Film, actor (Caine) and director with Jane Fonda notching up a nominee for Support actress at Golden Globes.However our writer Ian Schultz did catch the film at it’s UK premiere in London found the film frustrating and lacking that extra something that makes Sorrentino’s films that extra special. Like any film we will always give this an second chance as some are calling this The Great Beauty mark 2 and that’s a good enough reason for us to check this one out.

Youth is been released by Studiocanal in UK and will be released on 29th January 2016.Film also stars Rachael Weisz and Paul Dano.