Chaika Coffin Princess

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Chaika Coffin Princess ★★★

Chaika Synopsis

When Toru, a down on his luck saboteur, is searching through the forests for food, he comes across a lost girl carrying a coffin on her back. She doesn’t talk much and her speech is broken. In an odd twist a demented unicorn bursts out to attack the two of them and Toru defends the girl, but during the fight she reveals her name, Chaika and the fact that she’s a mage. Toru and Chaika travel with Toru’s sister, Akari on an adventure that relights their purpose again.


Chaika is an anime that starts slowly and sort of drags on.
I’m not on the edge of my seat, and I find that it’s alright as an anime to watch for background noise. It’s not too annoying however, the Chaika girl does grate on the nerves after a while.
Lack of fan service is good; that is I’ve not noticed any. Personally I’d give this two stars but then again analysing it piece by piece will be different, but my gut feeling about this anime is two stars.

Awarding of the Stars

Stars awarded for:

Story, Characters, Fighting, Animation, and Extras


Studio Bones was the studio behind the animation, so it could be compared to Noragami and Soul Eater, with more weight on the darker end of the color spectrum like in Noragami.
It’s sort of not in tone with the anime at times, it needed more colour like Soul Eater or Ouran Host Club. Then again at times it really did suit. I’d give it a half star.


The story is a continuation, stepping in half way through isn’t advisable. Since this is the first season it starts easy, but a little slow, it only gets interesting five episodes in, but if you didn’t watch those five you’d be lost. Another half mark.


The characters are solid. We have our main three protagonists two girls and a guy. But in an unusual twists, Akari, Toru’s sister is not the needy type and she doesn’t get captured all the time. A full star for characters.


The fighting is bloody at times, but scattered. I’d say there is at least one fight during each episode, if not more. It’s good but at the same time there’s not enough of it in my opinion. The fighting like I said it gets bloody at times, but it’s more often not bloody… if that makes sense.
A full star.


Extras are poor; opening and closing. Few trailers.
All in all I’d give it no stars.

Totting up the marks, is 3 stars.


Chaika is an Animatsu Release.
It is rated 18UK — I’d highly agree with the rating, even though there isn’t fan service there are a couple of gory scenes throughout. I do mean only a couple, the anime isn’t based around gore, so when it raises it’s head it seems sudden adding to the shock.

Chaika was released on the 21st of December 2015 on DVD & BluRay
General Price is about £24-39 or €32-52.
Genre is Action, Fantasy
The Manga’s Demography is Shonen so it is intended for a Young Male Audience.