From Walkers To Ghosts, The Other Side Of The Door UK Trailer

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the other side of the door

She maybe known to many as Mrs Rick Grimes and in the trailer for The Other Side Of The Door Sarah Wayne Callis trades the hordes of Walkers for ghosts. After the recent U.S Trailer the UK version arrives but consoling Mother will do anything to see their child return but don’t open the door!

In The Other Side Of The Door A family lives an idyllic existence abroad until a tragic accident takes the life of their young son. The inconsolable mother learns of an ancient ritual that will bring him back to say a final goodbye. She travels to an ancient temple, where a door serves as a mysterious portal between two worlds. But when she disobeys a sacred warning to never open that door, she upsets the balance between life and death.

Several series of The Walking Dead have past since Laurie Grimes became a member of the ‘Z Nation’ (pardon the punt) but she is no stranger to disaster. Some may argue the literal meaning of disaster is at question here but like many horror films, they have the cliches but they have loyal fanbase. When comes to kids she certainly doesn’t have much luck: Birth of her daughter Judith in The Walking Dead killed her, more recently in Pay The Ghost her son disappeared thanks to Nicholas Cage, once again her son.

Horror films are a hard sell, unfortunately as their ten a penny over using sub genres making it extremely hard for the better few shine through deliver some sort of decent box office return. This one does have it’s moments that will deliver some jump scares, however Alexander Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, Maniac, High Tension) is producing so this one may have some hope to rise above the generic tropes.

The Other Side Of The Door is directed by Johannes Roberts (Storage 24), Jeremy Sisto, Javier Botet and e. Film been released in UK 18th March 2016.