The Brothers In Law Return In New Ride Along 2 UK Trailer

Ride Along 2

The Brothers In Law are returning like it or not, Ride Along 2 has a new UK trailer tonight which sees Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are flipping lamb burgers, snapping alligators. Whatever we say about this franchise it delivered at the box office and January the sequel is coming.

Regular followers of the site will know my views on Kevin Hart as a actor and it’s probably smaller than the comedian himself. He’s up there with Adam Sandler when it comes to quality of the final product but it’s all in the money and this new promo shows “Let’s Get Ridiculous”. When you throw in Mr Chou aka Ken Jeong into the mix Hart has a spot of bother with an alligator!

In Ride Along 2 Ben (Kevin Hart) is gearing up for his wedding with James (Ice-Cube) sister Angela (Tika Sumpter) but as things start to get good the pair get dragged into a job. The pair must head to Miami after Ben once again interrupts a stings forcing them track down a drug baron and close down his ring with the help of the local PD.

Whilst many successful comedy films in the past not many have delivered a solid follow up with 21 Jump street been the notable success.The film uses an successful formula of mis-matched couple and it seems Universal enjoy Hart been that high pitched little man who gets thrown about like rag doll, Chris Tucker mini-me? Compared to 21JS they have a harder task to prove Ride Along was only a blimp and the second movie is where the business side starts. Once again the follow up has a similar release date end of January which is a quieter period before the Oscar push meaning nothing will challenge probably a possible reason for the box office success of Ride Along. If you did enjoy the first film well your in for a treat!

Ride Along 2 arrives in UK&Ireland on 22nd January 2016 co-starring Olivia Munn, Nadine Velazquez and Tyrese Gibson.

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