The sermon begins with first Preacher trailer


AMC has seen fit to unleash the first trailer for its upcoming controversy magnet Preacher.

The trailer is relatively understated preferring instead to remain covert in terms of how deeply it will drink from the infected cesspool of ideas that spawned the insane Comic book.

This subtlety is unsurprising for two reasons : Firstly show runner Sam Catlin ( Breaking Bad ) knows all too well the momentous success that can be gleaned from audience addiction and the most effective stimulus for this is erudite reveal management. Secondly the themes at the core of the Preacher universe are more twisted than a Marquis de Sade fever dream. If AMC has indeed green-lit the darkest corners of writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon’s imaginations then they will not want to arm the protesters before the riot.

The unrelentingly scathing Preacher unfolded over 75 issues but the religious right are going to have a considerably higher number than that with it once it commandeers our screens. HBO already ducked out of this televisual game of chicken way back in 2008 citing it as “too dark and too violent and too controversial.”

With a whirlpool of acute blasphemy at the epicenter of a seething sewer of forced interbreeding, casual bestiality, mega violent misogyny, profound racism and perpetual buggery Seth Rogen ( This is the End ) and his cohorts are going to need plenty of stones in their pockets for this one.

The trailer gives little away regarding its demented plot, preferring instead to don the trappings of a violent western, but does manage to emanate a little of the Comic’s unsavory moral odour. Most importantly it gives us our first insight into the chemistry between actors Dominic Cooper ( The Devil’s Double ) and Joseph Gilgun ( This is England ) that could make or break the series. 

It is still early days for this ambitious adaptation but the initial signs appear optimistic. Preacher was last published monthly exactly 15 years ago but the institutions and ideals it attacked have not cleaned up their act any since then. Lets hope Preacher retains all of its satirical arsenal and truly challenges the current climate of rhetoric over accountability.

Preacher is scheduled to air sometime in 2016. It would be very surprising indeed if a project like this was left unconnected with the massively influential Comic-Con in San Diego. Preview night is 20th July and that’s as good a starting point as any to make a release related guess.

Meanwhile you can begin your decent into depravity here.

Bradley Hadcroft

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