Attack On Titans To Attack UK Cinemas December

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Attack on Titan

It was one of the highlights of the recent Scotland Loves Anime and next month they will attack UK cinemas, behold Attack On Titans Part 1.The craziest most absurd but highly entertaining live action version of the popular Japanese Anime is finally coming to UK and today we can take a glimpse at the madness that lies ahead in the shape of the UK trailer.

I maybe 40 now but I’m a anime fan largely thanks to been a teen in 1990s when anime and manga kicked became so popular, since then its had it’s ups and down. 20 plus years later anime is so popular more integrated into popular culture. 50 million copies of Hajime Isayama‘s manga sold in Japan alone plus 30,000 here in UK not forgetting the anime, it’s no wonder the live action version is heading to blighty.

In Attack On Titans we findourselves in  a post-apocalyptic future where only a fraction of humanity has survived to live humbly amongst the rubble, Eren Jaeger dreams of more. His brainy friend Armin tells tall tales about deserts and oceans beyond the massive walls that guard their civilization, and his girlfriend Mikasa is equally entranced by the birds that soar over those untouchable barricades. Unfortunately, Eren’s wish to see the walls opened to the outside world comes at a devastating cost. Enormous humanoid monsters called “Titans” come stampeding through the walls and immediately start eating every man, woman, and child they can find.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Eren joins the newly minted “Titan Survey Corps” alongside hundreds of other young adults. Some of these new soldiers are hungry for revenge, but most are just plain hungry due to the ensuing famine. While facing down his demons and fighting through past trauma, Eren will have to rediscover what “freedom” means to him in a new world ruled by fear.

Attack On Titans Part 1 is set for an limite cinema release in UK on December 1st, no word on part 2 but I’m sure that will follow swiftly be it limited cinema or straight to DVD. If those who are eagle-eyed some select cinemas are playing a double bill so you maybe treated to part 2 as well! To find out what cinema is showing the films and to book your tickets head over to Attack On Titan UK movie site.