Attack On Titan Live Action

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Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan Live Action



Attack On Titan: Mankind is on the brink of extinction when man-eating monsters (Titans) terrorize everybody and destroy the last of human civilization left in the world.
Humans have taken refuge inside 50ft walls, and live in peace (or as much peace as you can get). Eren Jaeger a boy witnesses the first sighting of a Titan which, not only is taller than the walls, but kicks a hole into it allowing other smaller Titans entry.


I will state this very clearly — I am not a fan of Live Actions in general.
With that understood, you could imagine my reaction to a Live Action Attack on Titan movie; a facepalm and a sigh of dread.
However, I tend to be cautiously optimistic. Needless to say that after watching the Anime series, and even reading the Manga (up to half way through the Anime — waiting to buy more of it.) It was a slight disappointment to say the least.
There are.. bits here and there very different to what the Anime/Manga had, which was annoying. Characters with different pasts and a few characters missing altogether.
But don’t let my view skew your judgement of watching this.

As a form of trying to be objective rather subjective, I’ll award the stars as if the Manga and Anime don’t exist. I don’t think it is fair to compare the live action to the anime or the manga on any basis.

Awarding of the Stars

Stars awarded for:

Story, Characters, Fighting, Special Effects, and Direction/Acting

Special Effects

The Titans were well constructed and displayed during the movie. There was one important Titan that isn’t the 50ft Colossal Titan (Which I won’t mention due to spoilers.) That could have been done much much better considering how well the others were done.
The 3D maneuver gear was good but it seemed to lack good camera work of when they are in use. A half star for special effects, because while it is good, there was room for improvement.


Without spoiling everything; the storyline and plot held up well. There were twists but many of which were obvious and see through. It’s interesting to watch develop and come to it’s conclusion. The bad guys are blatantly obvious from the very beginning though.
I’ll award another half star.


Characters were good, but generic. Strong male lead with a smart assisting character. Then at the beginning we also had a weak female supporting character, who is strong in only few moments. As I said above the bad guys are blatantly obvious, they might as well wear a sign around their necks. Another half star.


The fighting is scattered throughout, some of which is fun to watch and enjoyable. Technique is good too and believable. The fighting however isn’t so spectacular to make you get that sadistic feeling down in the heart, and at times it was like watching an episode of Power Rangers. A half star.

Direction / Acting

— Being an Anime Reviewer acting doesn’t generally come into it, and I don’t like to criticise based on acting or input from the director. So I’m going to have to give it in my opinion which is already tainted… so my apologies. —
That being said; There was definitely room for improvement. There were some aspects in the acting that seemed a bit unrealistic. Especially the love interest scenes and conflicting interests didn’t reflect on the characters. Half star.

Totting up the marks, is 2 stars.


Attack On Titan Live Action is a Animatsu Release.
It is rated 15UK — I’d agree with this rating but there are scenes of very graphic bloody violence, some sexual scenes but nothing shown, and only one instance of it. There are use of guns too.
Attack On Titan Live Action is being released on the 1st of December 2015 in Cinemas.
Please check for details on your closest venue.
General Price is about £15.
Genre is Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Attack On Titan