The Tragedy Of Roman Polanski’s Chinatown, Watch Video Essay

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When it comes to relating  the ‘newer’ films with classic genres very few can match the qaulity. It maybe 41 years ago but Chinatown Roman Polanksi‘s homage to noir  really does deserve to be called noir classic even if it was released 40 years after the genre dominated cinema. Many call it one of the greatest finding itself  high up on many ‘Greatest Ever…’ lists. Those lucky to study film, it’s subliminal script is one of the first scripts you are encourged to study and dissect. You could call it a multi-layered masterpiece, blessed with the traits of Noir but also a Greek Tragedy at the sametime, Family melodrama but most of all the charcaters are responsible for their own downfall.

The good folks at Filmscalpel have created a 5 minute video essay which delves into those connections that make Chinatown such a  fantastic film. The big link those familiar with the film know Sophocles’ King Oedipus has a big inspiration and the video highlights this. No happy endings , just a fantastic film brokedown to a level everyone can appreciate it.

[source Filmscalpel]