The Great Escape Retold In The 33 Trailer & Featurette

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No need for Steve McQueen or dodgy South African rugby referees, January will see the ‘Great Escape’ re-told with the release of The 33. It was one of the greatest rescue missions ever recorded, no chane chance in hell they would survive and tonight thanks to Warner Bros we can now watch  the UK trailer and see how it gripped the world.

This upcoming film you can look at it two ways: Hollywood cashing in a unique and very contemporary story or still fresh in our minds a truly possibly inspirational story that must be told. If you believe the film is too soon this film was destined to be made into a film highlighting the human impact entangled with political wrangling.

In 2010, the eyes of the world turned to Chile, where 33 miners had been buried alive by the collapse of a gold and copper mine. Over the next 69 days, an international team worked tirelessly in a desperate attempt to rescue the trapped men as their families and friends, as well as millions of people they had never even met, waited anxiously for any sign of hope. But 200 stories beneath the surface, provisions—and time—were quickly running out. A story of resilience, personal transformation and triumph of the human spirit, the film takes us to the Earth’s darkest depths, exploring the private lives and psyches of the men trapped in the mine, and depicting the courage of those who refused to give up.

Will this fall into the Hollywood trap of over dramatising of events in the name of entertainment? A score from the late James Horner, solid cast and a intriguing story makes The 33 worthy of a couple of hours of your time when it’s released. In an extra bonus video we have an new Featurette that delves into the personal insight from the film’s cast and crew sharing their thoughts on the film , most of all the event itself.

The 33 will arrive in UK 29th January 2016 co-starring Antonio Banderas, Juliet Binoche, Rodrigo Santoro, Lou Diamond Phillips and James Brolin.