Moviedrome Returning, But Not As We Think

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For us folks born mid 1970’s 2015 was a landmark birthday we turned 40. Few years both sides of 40 we may moan about our age but we had Moviedrome.

You can argue to your blue on the face, we had it too, or we had this, but Moviedrome was a staple of any 1980s film lovers life is set to return. Yes Moviedrome is coming back and whilst its traditional home was our television screens but how we watch TV, film has changed to a more interesting forum, the internet. By screening on the most popular social media sources such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter a new generation will This means links will direct you to filmed introductions from familiar and unfamiliar faces. We will see great alternative and cult films from horror masters like Mario Bava to Pasolinis Oedipus Rex, Alex to many generations of fans introduced a true cult films, many who may have been one dimensional in choice of films they watched, now with a broader pallette.

The reason why it has been brought back is simple, great film never goes out of fashion. The more we can get people to watch and stream, watch and buy or simply watch! The more chance we have of going further! International versions are planned with 7 to be filmed in India! Let us know what you think and remember 31st October @ 6pm!


Check out a few classic introductions from the legend we all love Alex Cox…