Every Secret Revealed In Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension Trailer

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Paranormal Activity  The Ghost Dimension

The end is nigh hallows eve is getting closer Paranormal Activity franchise has an end in sight and in new probably final UK trailer Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension, every secret will be revealed…

It gave hope to filmmakers that low-no budget films can deliver , a decade on the bumpy road is ending but can the film deliver one last scare-tastic film?

In Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension we find ourselves following a young family who move from New York to a small town due to the dad’s new job as a games designer. They move into a old house when the trouble starts when they discover an old camera with videos and what lurks amongst these video nasties is unleashed lurching onto the families young daughter Leila.

With this apparently been the last the question is, will they go down the nostalgic route and see return of Katie? In the context of previous films there is a good chance but none of the videos so far suggest  but are all the films truly connected? Maybe this film will reveal the final piece of the jigsaw, the big build up? Every films has felt  each film lacked an conclusion and each film has tried ti re-invent itself each time not always with the best results. The going back to the origins has breathed a new lease of life, now its time to finish on a high.

Check below a new TV Spot called ‘Sleep’ delivers some new tidbits of footage as well as possible nightmares before you go to bed that something sinister might be with you as you call it a night!

Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension arrives in UK cinemas on October 21st 2015. Starring Chris J. Murray, Brit Shaw, Olivia Taylor Dudley, and Dan Gill.