Vin Diesel Is The Last Witch Hunter, Watch New Trailer

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We’re used to seeing him burn rubber next month Vin Diesel will be burning the witches as The Last Witch Hunter arrives in UK cinemas. Tonight we get a look at the new full UK trailer as those flash sports cars are in the garage, hipster beards grown, the sword in his hand, live forever, hunt forever…

He Mr Fast&Furious, not forgetting Riddick, In the latest trailer for his fantasy action flick he could potentially set to add a centuries old witch hunter franchise list?

In The Last Witch Hunter Diesel is Kaulder a ferocious warrior who is a long line of Witch Hunters and after a great victory against Witch Queen he finds himself cursed. Cursed with immortality he watches his family, friends grow old die. Now we find ourselves in modern day New York Kaulder is forced to pick up his sword again as the an evil coven of witches have emerged with the resurrected Witch Queen, the only thing standing between humanity and its destruction is Kaulder himself.

As ever Vin Diesel is straight faced as ever which in anything works well for this character, a man with a lot of time on his plate. His style is monotonous throw in a few one liners.Compared to previous trailer the special FX do look improved more complete with a sense genuine fear compared to recent ‘Witch’ films. If anything this maybe ridiculously silly film but ridiculously fun one, so you either leave your brain at the box office go with the flow, or not. We’re onboard!

The Last Witch Hunter arrives in UK&Irish cinemas on 21st October (23rd USA), co-starring Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood, Michael Caine Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, and Julie Engelbrecht.