TV Review – Fear The Walking Dead (Season 1, Eps1&2)


The largely anticipated prequel to the hugely successful The Walking Dead has finally arrived, titled Fear The Walking Dead. Before the show aired, we didn’t really know much abut what we were going to be shown. All we knew from the promos were it’s set before the events of The Walking Dead, and we will be shown the “Infection” starting and witnessing the events and reactions as it spreads further and further.

Now that the first two episodes have aired, we can finally see how they’re going to deliver the series. The episode started off with a bang, showing us a walker eating a person as one of our main cast members walks in, he runs away, not sure of what he has just seen, and straight into an oncoming car. This cuts the fast paced intro short as the camera pans out to show the busy city of Los Angeles, reminding us that this is the prequel and the world has no idea what is about to hit it. As expected for the rest of the episode, it introduces us to a number of characters, who will probably be vital to continuing the story. This seems a little slow at times, but as I stated before, nothing has really happened yet in terms of the dead rising and wreaking havoc.

At the end of the episode, we see the characters start to see something weird is going on and when a family friend, believed to be dead, is no longer where he was left the characters spot him walking towards them in a way only too familiar to us. This brings us one of the best moments of the episode and well worth waiting for as it brings in the brilliant make up artists to do their work that makes the show what it is.

The second episode continues where the first left off, with our main characters trying to get to grips with what is going on in what will become their new world. Again it’s not the fastest paced episode, but we can’t expect it to go full throttle yet when the majority of the world is still alive and unaware of what is going on. Things start “kicking off” midway through the episode as, what is believed to be” an innocent member of the public is shot dead by the police. This brings the city into a riot and the episode ends with the public burning cars and generally destroying the city themselves as they believe its just the police that are to blame for what is going on.

I did enjoy the start to this new show and although it seemed slow at times, its easy to forget that this is the start of what we are seeing currently in The Walking Dead and people won’t be running around shooting walkers and trying to survive as there are still supplies, living people and even technology still around. I’m really looking forward to where this show takes us and even though it was pretty much ruled out, as we’re seeing a totally new location, it will be interesting to see if we see any of the characters from The Walking Dead living their lives normally before the world changed. It would also be good to see what has caused this outbreak but from what I’ve read, we still won’t be told. Either way, this should be a good season, based on the opening episodes.

Kris Wall

Television, Horror | 2015 |USA | BT TV/AMC |Monday 31st August, 7th September 2015 (UK) |created: Dave Erickson, Robert Kirkman | Rubén Blades, Kim Dickens, Cliff Curtis,Frank Dillane, Alycia Debnam-Carey