The Truth Is Out There In The X-Files Revival Promo Trailers


The truth is still out there and 2016 Spooky Mulder & Dana Scully will return when The X-Files  returns. 2 Promo trailers have been released and once again Mulder is walking on dangerous ground, essentially announcing the truth is out there to be discovered…

13 years after they disappeared from our TV Screens but as you’ll see in the second trailer Fox Mulder’s (David Duchnovy)Obsession was truly still alive. Despite the latter seasons ‘losing the plot’ people may argue we haven’t seen anything good from them for a long long time.But a tv schedule plagued by reality shows and So called celebrity has-beens nice to see something a little different and we have high hopes the old magic is still burning.

So what can we expect in The x-files revival? The series will be short, 6 episodes only mixture of standalone episodes plus ones that delve deeper into the X-files mythology. The paranoia, the determination but as they are living in the current climate the dangers are greater maybe more especially in the area of state surveillance. Big Brother is more powerful than ever.

The first trailer leaves you asking asking a few questions. Why has Scully(Gillian Anderson) still got Mulder’s telephone number? Asks questions of 2008 film how things may have ended. What does “9U 3VIQ TIA0D” as seen on a dirty car which also had ‘Don’t Give Up’ on it too, more clues, co-ordinates, code or phrase? Are they connected to the World War 2 Soldiers or the Sea Monster?

Chris Carter is back creating have the season but so are many of those old faces we love to hate From Smoking Man (or will he be vapor man?)William B Davis, Mitch Pileggi (Walter Skinner), Annabeth Gish (FBI Agent Monica Reyes),  Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund, and Bruce Harwood (The Lone Gunmen). New additions to the cast include Joel McHale (Tad O’Malley), Robbie Amell,Rhys Darby, Kumail Nanjiani and Annet Mahendru (The Americans).

The X-Files Revival doesn’t have a confirmed UK release date but in USA ith will be 24/25th January 2016 so expect the UK one to be same or not long after it.