The Many Roles of Tom Hardy

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A man of many talents, there’s no end to the roles undertaken by Tom Hardy. To celebrate the Digital HD release of the epic MAD MAX: FURY ROAD on September 21, where Hardy pursues his rebels ruthlessly in the Road War, we take a look at some of varied roles that he has famously fulfilled


A drama based on a true story, Hardy plays the convincing role of the toughest English prisoner Michael Peterson, aka Charles Bronson. What started out as an attempt to make a name for himself at the age of 19, punishment for robbing a bank turned into 30 years in solitary confinement. During this time Michael Peterson was lost, and instead replaced by superego ‘Charles Bronson’.

The Dark Knight Rises

Protector of the League of Shadows, an ancient society keen for ending suffering and injustice, Hardy shows no sign of lacking in both intelligence and physical strength as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. Defeating Batman himself, fear is elicited through his eyes, while the rest of his appearance remains hidden behind his intimidating mask.


Haunted by his tragic past as an ex-marine, Tom Hardy faces the fight of a lifetime as Tommy Conlon, with the title prize being his brother. Returning to his home town of Pittsburg, he enlists his alcoholic father and former coach to stand beside him whilst he seeks to avenge past betrayals against his estranged older brother.


After surviving the war, Forrest Bondurant is an immortal legend in Franklin County, Virginia. Running a distillery and bootleg business alongside two brothers Howard and Jack, trouble is placed amongst the Bondurant family when they refuse to pay the required bribe to the authorities. Enlisting help from the locals, and falling in love along the way, Bondurant takes no prisoners as he sets out to corrupt the authorities.

London Road

Used to being behind the steering wheel,Tom Hardy faces a different driving role in London Road. The musical, based on the National Theatre production, sets the precedent for the film documenting the events of 2006, when the bodies of five women were discovered in Ipswich. Flaunting his iconic accents, Hardy plays cockney cab driver Mark, and even showcases a hidden singing voice.

Mad Max: Fury Road

A man of action and few words, Hardy seeks peace of mind in the midst of chaos playing rebel on the road; Mad Max. Attempting to overcome the past that haunts him, he comes across a War Rig fleeing across the wasteland, and is swept up by elite Imperator, Furiosa. A drifter in a post-apocalyptic land where humanity is broken, he just might be able to bring back some order.

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