Sunday Short Theatre – Zari

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We hear alot about man and robot or man and dog but what about dog and robot? In this weeks Sunday Short Theatre Zari companionship comes in the unlikeliest places….

Zari is an minimalist 20 minute short film written and directed by Courtney N. Marsh. A film about an is an intelligent, insightful, and deeply moving about an outdated and seemingly limited robot (Zari) that is trying to find its place in the world, only to attempt to communicate with the pet dog.

Fans of the recent Frank Langella film Frank&Robot  may connect with this right away especially on the loneliness and the need of friendship in our elder days. But it also sign of the times, as the film is set not too far ahead in the future, a sign of technology  taking it’s baby steps towards those futures we see in those sci-fi films. However this little films is more set in realism, a future knocking on our door already.

We are living in an exciting era technology wise even if geo-politically it’s seeping back slowly into Cold war days, everything from Siri, even Google Glasses and non-driving cars. It maybe artificial intelligence, but it has an intelligence to think itself so why not they desire company or develop a need to help?

Zari has done the festival circuit including Toronto  and director Marsh wanted to create “I wanted to make a sci-fi film that felt real, that felt right now.” and when you watch this she certainly has.

[source:Film Shortage]