Infographic: Top 10 Star Wars Fight Scenes

As the forces of good and evil prepare to do battle once more when the NEW Star Wars film lands in the UK, we present our Top Ten best fights.

That place might still be far far away as well as long away away but those good folks at Morphs Suits want to bring out the geek in us all tease us.But rather than sit watching the clock from now until December 18th, we decided to pass the time by taking a look back at THE GREATEST Star Wars fight scenes.

They combed the archives and chose top 10 intergalactic scuffles (from the Star Wars trilogy) based on their inventiveness, choreography, emotional impact and the sheer awesome-ness of their special Effects.

And after much debate (and a few punch ups of our own) they’ve come up with a Top Ten.So do you agree? If


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