Hit Girl Vs ‘The Others’ As 5th Wave Trailer Lands Online

The 5th Wave

When ET attacks who can we rely to fight our corner? Hit Girl loves to kick ass and in the first international trailer for 5th Wave. The latest Young Adult dystopian post-apocalyptic book come film our latest invaders think our hope is our weakness, Chloe Grace Moretz thinks differently…

Update – 2nd September 2015 – Thank You to Sony Pictures who have sent us the UK version

For our little planet Earth we seem to be always under attack if not from natural disasters, nuclear bombs but from unknown (or ‘The Others’ as in this film) alien invasions. Some believe this may happen sooner or later but we do seem to be lambs to the slaughter for mass genocide, but when our unique resources are running you understand why.

Based on books written by Rick Yancey, 5th Wave we meet our hero Cassie Sullivan (Moretz) a young woman who finds herself fighting for survival after the Earth decimated after an alien invasion. After 4 waves that saw the power blackout, destroyed our cities, unleashed an unstoppable virus and invasion. As the survivors fear the 5th Wave Cassie embarks on a journey to save her lost young brother she meet a mysterious young mann Evan Walker (Alex Roe)and become the last hope for humanity.But can she trust him?

With November marking the last film of The Hunger Games Franchise, this will probably be compared to that film especially with the PA theme and young adults thrown into impossible situations not even adults should face. The tone is gritty, the feel is bleak but hope strives humanity to survive and with many other books meaning potential future films if this one works.Whilst many may pick at the sometimes generic feel to the plot, this one has a solid cast. Also this one is directed by directed by The Disappearance Of Alice Creed’s J Blakeson a highly underrated British indie so worth a check.

5th Wave is set for a January 2016 release possibly same day as USA which is 22nd Janaury  2016. Also stars Maika Monroe, Liev Schreiber, Ron Livingston and Nick Robinson.

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