Burnt New Trailer Sees Bradley Cooper Has ‘Culinary Orgasms’


Jon Favreau delivered ‘Food Porn’ with Chef in the latest trailer for Burnt Bradley Cooper hope to deliver those ‘Culinary Orgasms’ taking us to food Valhalla.Like many geniuses trouble follows suit and Cooper is a ‘badboy’ attempting to reclaim his former glory…

29th September Update – Thanks To EFD for sending us the UK version today!

Previously titles Adam Jones (Cooper’s character name), Burnt Adam Jones was a one-time Michelin star chef riding high at the top of the Paris restaurant scene, until his dangerous, rebellious lifestyle catches up with him resulting him losing it all. With most of his rivals thinking he’s dead, Adam heads to London with a plan to explode back onto the restaurant scene once again.

If your looking for that lovable cock asshole Cooper can certainly deliver that persona largely thanks to The Hangover films.He’s like a Gordon Ramsay on acid living his life on the edge of one his cutting knives, talented chef but when thing get too good his destructive mode rears it’s ugly head. Early reports seem to suggest Cooper should be in contention for possible Oscar glory which is only good news for critics and viewers alike.Here’s hoping this film lives up to that ego!

Burnt will be in UK&Irish cinemas from 6th November (USA 23rd October) co-starring Sienna Miller, Uma Thurman, Emma Thompson,Daniel Brühl, Matthew Rhys, Riccardo Scarmacio, Omar Sy,Lily James, Sam Keeley, Sarah Greene, Alicia Vikander.