DVD Review – Awaiting (2015)



Lauren,played by talent show singer Diana Vickers(The Perfect Wave),is a naive yet deeply endearing young woman who’s entire life has been manipulated and controlled by her over protective father Morris,played with career defining relish by Tony Curran(Red Road).

Morris has more skeletons in his closet than an anatomy professor with a hoarding disorder and when chopsy hostage Jake,played by Rupert Hill(Entity),inadvertently garners sweet Lauren’s devotion they begin to rattle violently with horrific consequences for all concerned.

The tension between the three steadily escalates until poor Jake finds himself at the epicenter of an Emmerdale meets Misery mash up and Morris chucks what few marbles he has left into the insanity pond.

It appears at first that Awaiting is nothing more than derivative low-fi nonsense with a fling enough shit and some of it will stick attitude.However before you know it enough has indeed stuck to build a structure that houses some truly brain searing imagery, a clever and eclectic soundtrack and easily the most triumphant gore scene of the year.

The elephant in the room here is of course the performance of the likable Diana Vickers.It is very hard to tell whether she has knocked it out of the park or smacked herself in the face with the bat.

On the one hand she comes across as wooden and awkward and yet at the same time is that not also the authentic deportment of a girl who has been home schooled and sheltered under the umbrella of obsessive mania?

Her unusual Lancastrian lilt and naturalistic approach to dialogue will definitely polorise the audience in much the same manner as her past vocal endeavours did.I suspect this will be of scant concern to Miss Vickers because the camera positively adores her and she radiates an organic screen presence reminiscent of a young Marianne Faithfull.

The rest of the cast are more than adequate as they take refuge from the splinter-storm thrown up by the manic Curran as he chews his way through an all you can eat scenery buffet.

This unassuming looking little British film works hard to earn its 18 rating evoking tangible trauma through both visceral and psychological shocks.The effects are bold, bloody and creative and the reveals crafty in their emotional resonance.As a result proceedings are never dull and watching the slow burning fuse is as entertaining as the final explosion.

Highlights include an unintentionally hilarious moment when Lauren offers up soup as a solution for high level hysteria and an inspired use of  the peerless M83.

One thing is assured – you will NEVER look at a certain musical instrument in the same innocent way ever again.

Awaiting is the slimy residue that collects in the U- bend of kitchen sink horror after all the waste ingredients have been washed down the plug hole – and it is all the better for it.

Bradley Hadcroft

Drama.Horror.Thriller | UK, 2015 | 18 |Film4 Frightfest 2015 |Bulldog Films | 7 Sept. 2015(U.K. DVD) | Dir:Mark Murphy | Tony Curran, Diana Vickers, Rupert Hill  | Buy: Awaiting

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