Are You Checked Into New American Horror Story: Hotel Yet?


The journey is nearly over it’s nearly time to check into your room at American Horror Story: Hotel, Welcome to Hotel Cortez. With the fifth season of the popular American Horror Television series only weeks away we get a behind the scenes look at upcoming series that looks bizarre, slick and sexy!

The new featurette recently released by FX USA give the viewers into the world that waits us when the season opens for business.An outlandish world of peculiar characters, grotesque creatures in the Art deco surroundings the walls are dark with a heart as black as the ace of spades. In this video we see the likes of cast members Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Angela Basset, Wes Bentley things will be genuinely creepy or in the words of Paulson ‘there will be blood’.

I have to admit I didn’t get into American Horror Story late picking up episodes via Netflix only to miss Season 4 Freak Show. But as any fan knows each season is completely different so watching Hotel won’t spoil anything you might have missed. The cast, the gothic horror tone is all that’s the same and in the video the cast chat about the different Horror genre themes Hotel.

You will also see many new cast have joined the cast many old cast rejoining , the big new standout cast member is Lady Gaga as the mysterious Countess who runs the hotel. Her unique style is perfect for the show and in the video below we get at glimpse of her in Hotel’s latest Teaser trailer

American Horror Horror Story: Hotel arrives in Fox UK 20th October (10pm)