Join Us – TV Writers Wanted

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Expansion time here at The Peoples Movies and a call out for new tv writers to join the team. Summer is ending and weather cooling down time to sit around the television and enjoy the latest shows.

When we talk about TV we don’t mean Coronation Street or Eastenders, it’s the latest shows from the USA but also some of from UK too. Channels such as Sky Atlantic, FX, Watch, Sky One, SyFy, Netflix, Amazon Prime also BBC, Channel 4, 5 too. The list is endless but if your a TV aficionado  you where to look and what shows to watch and this is where we want you to join us from Game Of Thrones to the latest Nordic Noir.

As our TV Writers you watch and review the latest episodes then review them, review the latest box sets. Post latest news, trailers or even create features, articles, essays and editorials . You must have a passion for writing about television, Showcase your enthusiasm through that writing too. You don’t have to be a hardcore TV enthusiast or have written for a tv website or similar, be confident and believe in what you write about.

We know your talented, Our  TV writers need to be committed with writing experience but it doesn’t have to be video games. Unfortunately no one including the editor are in paying positions however if its more experience to add to your CV we can provide. Money sometimes comes and when it does we share, including anything else comes to our HQ we like to share. If you have access to the main channels we want to hear from you!

Deadline is 28th September 2015, however this is only a guide so if you contact us after the printed date, our door is always opened! Please complete the form below and good luck!!!