Join Us! LGBT Film & TV Writers

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Movie is for all and shall never discriminate against anyone’s religion, race or sexuality and at The Peoples Movies &Cinehouse we want LGBT Writers to join us!

LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) has been expanding not just independent film but also into mainstream film as well as television. We’re looking for 1 or 2 writers who have passion for films, TV Shows fueling that passion through creating informative, entertaining articles, features and essays. Inspiring discussion, also reporting any news stories, posting trailers, and most of all reviewing the latest release be it cinema or home release. There maybe chances to attend LGBT Film Festivals and events and when things are quiet help out in other areas of The Peoples Movies.

This is new territory  for us, so there will be a lot areas  we may not cover as much as want too but this is why we need you.We know your talented, Our LGBT writers needs to be committed with writing experience but it doesn’t have to be LGBT film& TV. You don’t have to know everything but if your resourceful and willing to roll the sleeves up and help our LGBT section  rise from the flames we want you to join us.You’ll time will vary from Showcase your enthusiasm through their writing, rewording press releases, deliver news stories,trailer posts, commentaries, articles and features putting what you write into context.

Unfortunately no one including the editor are in paying positions however if its more experience to add to your CV we can provide. Money sometimes comes and when it does we share, including anything else comes to our HQ we like to share.

If your experienced in the field of LGBT film&TV or have a passion for film&TV from a LGBT perpsective please fill in the form below. 28th September  however this only a guide  we accept writers all the time, good luck!