Join Us! Horror Writer Wanted

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Jane Levy in TriStar Pictures' horror EVIL DEAD.

The Summer is nigh creatures of the night rise as The Peoples Movies wants you to join us! As we are looking for another Horror writer to join the ranks.

The call out for new recruits continues as we search high and low for new writer to join our already talent horror duo. As the third amigo you will be based not just in The Peoples Movies but also our sister site Cinehouse bridging the gap between 2 sites.We have days we have so many films to review they are is always enough to go around but it’s not all about the reviews.

When the reviews are quite you’ll post trailers, write exciting articles, essays and features that will get readers talking, debating, informed but most of all entertain.As for reviews we are looking for someone who is up for reviewing everything and delivers a honest review, excited to review any horror film available even if you know what your about to watch isn’t going to be a great film. The reviews will vary from home release, to online even the odd cinema release. There is also a place for a writer to deliver a horror based podcast or video blog

Showcase your enthusiasm through their writing,  what you write into context. Knowledge is power and if you have will please the hardcore horror fan but also leisure viewer  alike.We are looking for someone who is honest, passionate, so if you think something is terrible or best thing since slice bread explain why in your own words to inform most of entertain. In reality you will have a interest in all the sub genres of Horror from found footage, psychological, creatures, slashers even giallo, know your stuff you’ll know the sub genres we talk about.

Like our movie section news never stops and if you can hang on for the ride you will probably be the person we are looking for.You don’t have to know everything but if your resourceful and willing to roll the sleeves up and help our horror section rise  from the grave we want you to join us. Please beware this is not a paid position, it’s voluntary and everyone is here because we love what write about we’re fans. So if your looking for experience to be added to you CV we can help. There will be a plethora of free films to review, the odd cash incentives, festival passes at times too

Deadline is 28th September however we only use the date as an a deadline so even if you get in touch after the advertised date, you can deliver the goods  as our horror writer, we’re keen to hear from you!