Infographic – Most Badass Female Marvel Characters

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Badass Female Marvel Characters

Since the current burst of  comic book movie awesomeness it seems it’s mostly the boys  that have been having all the fun, not now Female Marvel Characters are rising to the occasion.Behind virtually every male character there is a rock of a woman who is ready to kick ass equally as powerful as their can. But the question is who is the most baddas of them all?

MorphSuits have combed our comic archives and ranked the most Baddass Female Marvel characters, based on their fighting skills, strength and weapons/ superpowers. From dangerous and deadly to downright lethal, here are the the most baddass females in the Marvel universe!

The girls are fighting back playing a vital part in most if not all Marvel Cinema Universe films calls for some of the established MCU characters such as Black Widow to get her own film. The list also shows some latest new to MCU (not comic book universe) such as Wasp whom we just met in Ant-Man and current buzz character Captain Marvel who Rounda Rousey whom many will agree will be a great choice.

So do you agree with MorphSuits choice for Most Badass Female Marvel Characters choices? love you to share your thoughts below in the comments….