Industry Trust Relaunch


FindAnyFilm-homepage v3The Industry Trust for IP Awareness has today relaunched

Following a major upgrade to the site. The online destination for the film industry to showcase content and convert consumers to legal points of purchase, from pre-booking cinema tickets to pre-ordering discs and digital, has undergone the most substantial overhaul since it launched six years ago. upgrade includes a more  streamlined front end design with simpler navigation for purchase points across the content lifecycle, clearly signposting book, buy, watch calls to action.Enhanced content, including premium TV titles, making a convenient, single destination for all video content.They will more suppliers than any other legal content site, giving consumers flexibility of choice across purchase points for all content formats. Even the mobile version is delivering a better  user experience making the site great on  all devices.

The improvements to  will  only enhance complement existing elements that brings us to the popular site such as, comprehensive cinema listing service, the API and book and buy tools, all of which were developed alongside and widely used by the industry.

Liz Bales, CEO, The Industry Trust, said: ’ users are well known to be film and TV aficionados; they spend 50% more time watching filmed content than average consumers and are more likely to be early adopters of new technology1, which is why upgrading and constantly adding new supplier feeds is vital to accelerating the growth of the site and delivering a user experience that exceeds expectations, ensuring that existing users return, and providing an attractive and intuitive platform to new users.

The Trust exists to drive purchase over piracy; developing content collaborations such as the latest Moments Worth Paying For trailer with Disney Pixar’s Inside Out. Inspiring audiences to value and pay for content while driving traffic to to deliver a simple click to purchase. The site and the Moments campaign continue to be supported by the industry.’


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