Groovy! New Ash Vs The Evil Dead Hacksaws Online!

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ash vs evil dead

Groovy! The man, the myth and the chainsaw will return this Halloween Bruce Campbell is ready for ‘chain action’ as a new Ash Vs The Evil Dead is unleashed. Blood, gore is on hand but we would think nothing less from our one handed demon killing hero Ash J.Williams!

Hard to believe it’s about 34 years ago since Ash was last on our screens, more recently the comic tone of films went for more gore. Now 2015 the franchise continues not on the big screen but the small screen in the shape of television, it’s long awaited return that fans won’t care!

Only one man will rise to stand up against evil.The new teaser is dripping with blood giving us a glimpse at what faces Ash and the Deadite, bigger more terrifying.There is some new footage in this trailer but what the trailer really does is give Ash’s sidekicks Pablo Simon Bolivar (Ray Santiago) and Kelly Maxwell (Dana DeLorenzo).

Ash Vs The Evil Dead is set for a 31st October USA release, as for what channel and release date in UK we don’t know at this stage.